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Custom Leather Chaps & Chinks

Chaps & Chinks are made from top grain leather. Tooled tops, sides and belts are made from 6-7oz. leather. They can be oiled light, medium or dark brown. Floral pattern backgrounds can be dyed mahogany, dark brown or tan. Conchos are made in sterling overlay, german silver or jewelers bronze.

Nicotine "wooly" pattern chinks with mahogany background, double conchos (nickel base, jewelers bronze top).
Medium brown chinks, acorn pattern. German Silver conchos and buckle set.
Nicotine chinks, barb wire & basket stamp tops. S/O conchos & buckle set.
Nicotine batwing chaps w/waffle stamp & plier pocket. S/O conchos & buckle set.
Walnut batwings, half floral & waffle stamped tops w/ranch brand, med. oil finish, java brown dyed background and brand, G/S conchos w/antique finish & buckle set.
Nicotine color, wooly pattern chinks. Sterling overlay conchos and buckle set.
Elk hide, floral pattern w/ G/S studs on tops. G/S antiqued conchos & buckle set.
Cutting horse chaps, cream-colored material with walnut fringe & rose pattern, java brown died background, med. oil finish w/ GS conchos & buckle set.
Walnut chinks, floral pattern. G/S antiqued double conchos and buckle set.
Floral/Basket stamp chinks with nicotine chinks.
Floral/Basket stamp with brand.
Brindle hair on hide chinks, wild rose pattern (mahogany background & Med. Oil) with brand in flower center, S/O conchos.
Cream color chinks with laced sides and stud detail on tops.
Nicotine chinks with pocket, wild rose pattern. S/O buckle set and conchos.
Cream colored, three colored rose pattern tops & sides. S/O conchos & buckle sets.
Medium brown, sunflower pattern. G/S antiqued conchos & buckle set w/twisted fringe.
Baseball glove leather, waffle stamp tops. J/S conchos and buckle set.
Waffle stamp chinks with brand.
Nicotine chinks, wooly pattern on tops and sides, light oil finish, range tan dyed background, S/O conchos and buckle set.