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Custom Leather Holsters & Scabbards

Holsters and scabbards can be made to fit any gun. They can be done plain, basket stamped or floral tooled as well as include initials, names, ranch brands and/or logos. Silver or German Silver buckle sets and/or conchos can be added to any item. Items can be done in light oil, medium oil or dark brown oil finish. Dyed backgrounds can be done in mahogany, range tan or java brown.

Basket stamped shoulder holster. Medium oil finish
Basket stamped shoulder holster. Medium oil finish
Derringer holster, waffle stamped with nickle spots, light oil finish.
Derringer holster, baby basket stamped, J/B spots, tooled ranch brand, med. oil finish.
Gun belt and holster with border stamp, med. oil finish.
Scabbard for model 94, multi-floral pattern, dyed background.