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Custom Leather Purses & Brief Cases

Briefcases and purses are made from 6-7 oz. leather. Briefcases and purses can be made with custom logos, initials, and silver work. All can be oiled light, medium, dark brown or black. Backgrounds can be dyed tan, mahogany, or dark brown. Buckle sets and conchos can be done in sterling overlay, german silver or jewelers bronze.

Cheyenne floral pattern, waffle stamp, med. oil w/java brown dyed background w/swarvoski concho.
Bible cover with four flower pattern.
Octa floral pattern purse w/waffle stamp. Silver plated conchos with purple stones.
Wooly pattern with waffle stamp. S/o 3-pc. buckle set & bucking horse concho.
Oak leaf and baby basket stamped wallet. Medium oil finish and mahogany dyed background.
Card case with initial, floral pattern, mahogany dyed background and med. oil finish.
Wooly pattern card holder, mahogany background, light oil finish.
Half floral pattern with half baby basket stamp checkbook cover.
Hair on hide checkbook cover with floral pattern.
Cheyenne floral pattern & waffle stamp, med. oil, range tan dyed background w/ crystal concho.
Cheyenne pattern/waffle stamped black purse with antiqued G/S #20 concho w/initials.
Acorn pattern, med. oil, mahogany dyed background & basket stamped.
Small basket stamp credit card wallet w/ medium oil.
Floral tooled checkbook with ranch brand and flower center, light oil, mahogany background.
Custom logo card case, light oil and mahogany background.
Floral cardved card case, rhinestone horseshoe, light oil and mahogany background.
Floral tooled Sheriffs badge / I.D. wallet. #1207 dark brown oil finish.
Money pockets & credit card slots with fold in check book.
Inside view of sheriffs badge / I.D. wallet
Full inside view of sheriffs wallet.
Floral pattern and basket stamp purse.
Basket stamp, med. oil. w/ RCC 30 year concho.